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Viewing more information about FastTrack'D Final Project (website).

This video rental mock-up site was created while I was attending the FastTrack'D program by Cook Systems International.

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During my early career, I was a student in the 7-week April/May 2013 class of the FastTrack'D program by Cook Systems International (previously known as the Java Bootcamp). The final project for the class involved using data from the MySQL Sakila sample database to create a functional video rental storefront website. All assets besides the movie texts were created within a week. While all students had to complete the project using the same technologies, I took a unique approach with my use of them. All generated pages for the site use a single template page, which is never truly navigated away from by the browser. Instead, as each new page request is made, the replacement content for the template page is loaded in asynchronously. This makes site-wide changes easier and modular content more manageable via the controlling page factory sever beans.

The site was built upon Java Server Pages (JSP) and JSF/ICEfaces (including the ICEpush module) server technology, using a MySQL database through Hibernate for movie rental and login data, and Spring MVC web framework. The project was created using the Eclipse environment with Maven and SVN. The generated pages used HTML, CSS, and heavy JavaScript/JQuery/AJAX to control navigation and some dynamic content. The source code and assets for the project, excluding the Sakila database which can be found via MySQL's website, is available for download here.

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