Subnet ROOT
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by Blake Ballard

Want to hear about this guy that's all about computers, programming, and gaming? Read on!

Q:What is the purpose of this site?

Subnet ROOT is the homepage of Blake Ballard. It allows potential employers to find me, see some samples of my work, and contact me. This site is also a personal outlet for fans of my work, beit my Youtube channel or community contributions I've coded elsewhere. You can think of this site as being an interactive autobiography serving to professional and individual interests.

Q:What do you do?

In terms of computers, I do a little bit of everything. I program desktop applications in multiple industry-standard languages, such as C++ and Java. I'm well versed in web design and graphical design, having created hundreds of websites and accompanying display elements. Along with HTML, I also have a strong background with PHP, JavaScript, and MySQL databases. I administrate Linux servers and write accompanying Bash scripts. I've set up Windows networks of up to 40 computers and have experience with Win2K, XP, Vista, and Win7 troubleshooting. I develop video games, computer simulations, and other interactive media in my spare time using DirectX and OpenGL. I understand networking concepts, audio design, video editing techniques, and modeling (computer-aided design).

Q:Do you have any professional experience or academic standings to complement what you do?

If you take a look at my resume, you will notice a distinct lack of professional experience. However, I feel there are two things you should consider before holding that against me. First, I have only recently graduated college, having received my Bachelor's of Engineering and Information Sciences (Game and Simulation Programming concentration) from DeVry University with a 3.66 CGPA and cum laude distinction. As you might understand, it's very hard to find a position in my field without a completed degree, so I'm a relatively fresh face in the job market. Second, even though I haven't been employed by a company in my field, I continue to be very active in my own productions and community works. I feel that this displays a tremendous strength of mine, which is self-motivation and personal drive to complete a project.

Q:Why should I hire you?

I have a lot of personal experience, an innate pride in my work, and a willingness to learn. I also work well with others, whether they are customers or coworkers in group settings. Personally, I feel my greatest strengths are my easy-going personality while still being able to switch into get-it-done-now work mode at a moment's notice, my 'laugh at everything' sense of humor (within limits, of course), and strong communication skills. You might notice a few of these dotted throughout this site and my other projects.

Q:How can I get to know you better or ask a question not listed here?

You can use the contact form to get in touch with me regarding anything. For professional contacts, my phone number is also listed on my resume.

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